Why we do what we do

We all have to face it: The IT system landscapes are getting more and more heterogeneous...!

We understand that the management, changeover and development of data processing IT systems in such environments are tasks of great complexity.

Ensuring data integrity has become one of the major tasks of large organizations that face challenges such as:

  • increasingly heterogeneous system landscapes
  • need to speed up time to market
  • maintenance effort to ensure data integrity soars

We have designed the solution OMrun to cope with these exact challenges. OMrun performs the automated and rule-based in-memory comparison of data from any heterogeneous source and produces easy-to-use results.

We make data quality transparent, controllable and projectable.

Our major goals include

  • ensure data quality and data integrity
  • increase transparency
  • minimize risks 
  • speed up time to market
  • guarantee a silent go-live

With OMrun, we provide a powerful tool to enable data preparation and ensure data quality and data integrity with ease and a smile on your face.