The Challenge

Projects to increase automation or improve data quality are often lengthy and expensive undertakings. Such projects sometimes eat up most of the anticipated savings before go-live - if they do not even fail completely.

We are convinced that we can do better!

That's why we bet that we can implement - assuming your cooperation - within one working week  the following steps:

  • integration of OMrun within your infrastructure
  • connection of any two data sources to be reconciled / checked
  • automated and rule-based comparison of a couple of significant measuring points
  • generating difference reports / reports of "rule violations" and establishing a comprehensive overview on OMdashboard
  • including a limited access to OMrun for 8 Weeks after completion of this project in order to allow you using OMrun on your own



This whole package is usually offered as a fixed price project.
Depending on the complexity of the requirements, this packages is available at around CHF 15k.

Care to place a bet?

If we would bet with you, we obviously also have to define what we would do if we fail to complete: We would most likely be a little compunctious - but as sportsmen we would smile gently and feed the invoice for the fixed price into the shredder.