Data-driven Academy: Solutions for Data Aficionados

"Data-driven Academy" presents to the participants strategies and tools to tackle data-driven challenges such as reconciliation of master data in heterogeneous data sources. We seek to enable the students so they can solve such tasks with effective, creative and intelligent approaches to the benefit of their projects and organizations.

We focus on data science topics such as

  • data preparation
  • data quality
  • data integrity
  • automation / RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • data visualization

What else can be expected from these trainings?

  • quality trainers guarantee eye-openers thanks to proven, practical solutions for tricky questions in the field of data science, data quality and data visualization.
  • every module is self-contained
  • Practical take-aways such as instructions to identify anomalies, inconsistencies, discrepancies and duplicates from a data set
  • Networking amongst data aficionados and data aficionadas

Data-driven Academy: When training makes sense & fun!

More information about current Modules

Module Data Preparation Toolbox (in German)