Test case data provision and anonymization

The generic approach to automated and efficient test case data provision and anonymization.

To whom it may concern

Is it written on your to-do list that you should automate the test case data provision and make it more efficient?
Are you responsible to implement the regulatory requirements for (test) data anonymization?
Do you want to set the foundation for DevOps and Continuous Deployment?

Applications with underlying databases that have grown over years or even decades are often not well documented and the number of specialists who know the data and databases like the back of their hand can be counted on one hand. As a consequence, the provision of test case data is  time-consuming and expensive.

With our innovative approach to automating the provision of test case data and data anonymization, we step forward to stop to the excessive use of resources for this topic.

What you can win

You can look forward to the following advantages if you choose the innovative approach with OMrun for test case data provision and anonymization:

  • requirements for the test case data are implemented 1:1 for each constellation and are easy to understand (SQL); as a side effect, this results in rudimentary documentation of the system
  • use checkboxes to select which test case data should be provided
  • technological simplification for the project team: it primarily needs SQL and database knowledge
  • standard anonymization rules are delivered with the system
  • additional attributes can easily be anonymized and integrated into the overall process
  • the test case data can be drawn from any test system or PROD and written into any target database for further use
  • the various test case data constellations can be obtained repetitively and anonymized again
  • comprehensive transparency with OMdashboard: an overview of the supply of test case data per constellation at any time

Four topics you no longer have to worry about

There is no doubt about it, the search and provision of test case data in heterogeneous, extensive and often undocumented legacy systems is a challenge.
We are all the more convinced that simplifications are necessary and possible so that such projects reach their goal "in time, in budget and in quality".
With our approach, you no longer have to worry about the following topics in your test case data project:

  • problems with the integration into heterogeneous system landscapes: check!
  • limited options for complex anonymization requirements: check!
  • creation of status and progress reports often manually, incomplete and non-transparent: check!
  • "never-ending projects" that simply do not reach the finishing line: check!

How we anonymize

Data anonymization or test data anonymization is normally required if valid constellations are needed for analyzes, evaluations or testing, but this information mustn't be traced back to real master data.
The following table uses a few attributes to show how the OMrun module «anonymization» implements this need. The following business rules are applied:

  • gender remains the same
  • address is a valid address in the canton of Aargau (Switzerland)
  • date of birth is within a maximum of 3 years of the real birthday 

Productive master data:

First Name
Post code
Date of birth
Partner ID
Baumgartner Paul Enzianweg 15 8917 Oberlunkhofen 15.03.1969 541.5577.320-B

Anonymisierte Stammdaten:

First Name
Post code
Date of birth
Partner ID
Peterhans Kurt Zentralstrasse 203 5242 Lupfig 11.09.1971 412.9954.185-B

This procedure can of course be applied to a large number of other attributes such as IBAN, AHV number, VAT number, telephone number, etc.

This process can be repeated as often as required, so that the partner "Baumgartner" becomes a new data record each time it is anonymized again. Like this, conclusions regarding the productive data record are not possible even after several anonymization runs. It also ensures that no duplicates and key violations are generated.

Project implementation

The module "Test case data provision and anonymization" has been tried and tested in practice.
The most important use case takes place in the context of a far-reaching automation project at a large Swiss financial administration (tax office).

With the increase in efficiency in the provision of test case data, the client aims to introduce DevOps in a mid term outlook. The automated test case data provision is the baseline  for improving efficiency and increasing speed when implementing new features or legal changes.
With the implementation of data anonymization, a requirement that has been required for a long time but has not yet been "brought down to earth" is being implemented.
The project implementation started with a proof of concept in one working week (based on our famous "PoC in one day") and the subsequent implementation phase of around three months.

We would be happy to provide you with additional reference information so that we can present this exciting project to you in detail.

The bet

We have deliberately simplified the summary above, because we know that in reality everything is a little more complicated. Having extensive and long-term experience in changeover projects in complex, heterogeneous system worlds, we know that with our approach and procedure we can achieve very convincing results very quickly. 
That is why we proudly present our spectacular "bet" also for the use case  "test case data provision and anonymization".

Don't think twice, try it out ...!

Our CEO Marc Keller will be happy to provide an initial discussion of the current situation. Contact him, he will be happy to talk to you.