Projects: With OMrun to success

Below you can find short descriptions of projects, where OMrun made a major contribution to quality assurance (QA), data integrity, data quality, data governance or to (test) automation.

We gladly provide further information to you on request. Alternatively, you may contact our project managers for detailed descriptions.

Quality control of firewall configurations in compliance with PCI-DSS audit criteria

Rulebased and automatic assessment of firewall configurations of the customer reservation system (CRM) database and the firewall system (configuration data in XML format).
One of the main challenges was the high criticality of the data: any error could have paralysed entire stock exchanges. The enormous complexity of rules, that were often put down in a very intricate/complex structure, made this project a very interesting and hard nut to crack.

Project Datacom New Generation: change of technology for all networking devices of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Mapping the transition for the „existing infrastructure“ to the „target infrastructure“ was required as a fundament for this challenging migration project for the whole of Switzerland. OMrun served as data collector and examination tool to produce a consolidated database of the actual situation. Using complex rules, the data from various data sources was consolidated, normalised and provided as a master list for subsequent editing.

Technology migration of the central application NESKO for the tax administration of the canton of Berne

Change of technology of the running application for, among other topics, the important modules „legal entities“ and „natural entities“.
OMrun was used to automate the quality assurance during development of the new software, to carry out mass data tests, and to find critical processing errors during the early phase of the project.

Quality Assurance and Data Integrity for the new Application "ZLPro" (AZL, Department for additional contributions to retirement provisions of the City of Zurich)

In a classic end-of-life project, the existing application had to be replaced by a modern solution.
The new application for processing investments, payment initiation and bookkeeping must fulfill various critical requirements: system stability, usability and (processing) quality are just some key figures.
As a public office with a major economic responsibility (annual cash flows in the high nine-figure range), AZL is highly exposed and therefore has a very high demand on the quality of the processing and the control of the cash flows.
Hence the quality assurance in the transition phase (parallel operation) from the existing to the new solution was of great importance in this project.
OMrun was used as a quality gate and final control instrument: with OMrun, all data products and key figures identified as critical for success between the legacy system and the new building were compared, rule-based and workflow-controlled. Only after all defined go-live measuring points published in OMdashboard turned green, the final go-live decision was made.
In the operation of the new ZLPro application, which was awarded a "Best of Swiss Web 2018" award, OMrun is part of the infrastructure as a permanent data integrity and data quality monitor and serves the responsible persons as an actual early warning system.
As a data governance tool, OMrun ensures that any rule violation - caused for example through hot fixes, due to legislative changes or planned release updates - are immediately displayed. The list of rule violations can then be analyzed by the specialists and passed on to the development department for correction. This itarative process is repeated eternally, causing only little maintenance effort, because we all know: after the system changeover is before the system changeover...

Check data 'til the wires glow

We have been a proud partner and supplier of maxon for almost three years.
Later we will be able to describe the actual use case, since the final "proof of the pudding" is achieved only after the complete system changeover is completely done.
What we can already reveal is that no other customer uses our OMrun framework as intensively as maxon.
With its complex and data-intensive business activities, maxon takes the OMrun framework to the limits of what is feasible, for example in terms of the number of environments, components or scenarios.
It is therefore not surprising that the amount of data processed and the test results generated has skyrocketed to several TB per week - another record value, of course.

Increase quality and accelerate release cycle

A heterogeneous, distributed IT architecture and development teams constantly delivering software changes while being located all around the world: these are the challenges for ensuring stability and quality in a very dynamic and demanding market environment.
As a solution to improve quality while reducing maintenance costs, a fully automated regression test including smoke test is implemented. This means, among other things, that a complete trade including booking and billing is processed. This RPA workflow checks data quality and integrity every 2 hours on four system environments. Alerting in the event of an error and reporting to a dashboard completes this comprehensive solution.
Considered a major success, this quality assurance and test automation initiative was implemented as part of a four-person project in less than six months. A measurable result was that the release cycle was accelerated from quarterly to biweekly while minimizing maintenance.

Reconciliation after release upgrade of the banking software Avaloq

Release upgrades of powerful off-the-shelf solutions such as Avaloq always involve a certain risk: Specific configurations of the company that evolved over the years may not be compatible to the new release. It is therefore of even greater importance to automate these recurring, time-intensive and often costly quality assurance processes. Rather than but a limited set of manually selected samples, OMrun ensures perfect coverage.
OMrun also supports the customer in reducing the maintenance costs for regression tests after release upgrade. It further allows to identify and react to errors instantaneously.

Migration Output Management

Migration of the entire output production (such as printing of premium statements, tax documents, etc.) from one supplier to a new full-service provider. Left to his own devices, the company is only able to check a very small percentage of the documents. Yet the risk of sending out incorrect reports to his customers must be minimised to zero. OMrun allows to build an efficient workflow to compare the old and the new PDF documents in a fully automated fashion, giving the company through external means a 100% security of success for the migration.
The entire project duration from kick-off to completion of multiple checks for all 250'000 customers only took 20 days..

Automation of regression testing for the banking solution „Dialba“

Highly automated and data driven regression testing of the powerful and highly performant core banking system Dialba (self-construction). In this complex environment the strengths of the OMgenerator could be brought to bear: OMgenerator allows the fully automated creation of all test scripts for almost 1000 tables with more than 10.000 attributes. Not a signle test script had to be hand written for a database release update by Oracle!
This implementation provides a great example for the massive maintenance reduction of regression testing for release updates, leaving but a minimal amount of manual maintenance. OMrun liberates key personnel – those highly trained, technically specialised and hard to find know-how carriers every company has. Routine tasks are automated, allowing valuable key personnel to instead focus on analysis.

Archive migration to the new DMS

A division of the social services department of the city of Zurich was performing a major IT conversion project.
As a part of this project, a migration of more than 2 Mio electronically stored work files onto a new document management system (DMS) was required.
A critical project specification consisted in linking every existing work file from the source system with the associated meta data in the new DMS, thus allowing to find every document through keywords (metadata tagging).
During the migration new documents were still created and edited on the legacy system. Of course, these new or mutated documents had to be migrated correctly and in full.
This procedure is repeated multiple times, while OMdashboard provides transparency throughout the process about which documents are already migrated and how many times these documents were given new document versions. The OMrun Scenario Manager starts and monitors all files during this 40 step migration process and automatically checks 100% of the result in the DMS.
This process guarantees quality assurance, while all employees retained access at any given time to the most recent work file version.

Technology migration of the central application NESKO for the tax administration of the canton of Berne

OMrun is used for the automation of quality assurance during software innovation processes to make sure that the new Java processing calculates the same tax assessments as did the legacy application (Cobol, DB2).
Particular challenges were presented by vast amounts of data and a complex processing logic. It was critical to check that the new software produced identical assessments to 15 year old applications that had reached their end of life.

Technology migration of the central application NESKO for the tax administration of the canton of Berne

The tax administration (tax authority) of the canton of Berne was the main contracting authority of this complex and challenging project.
The implementation partners Bedag and DV Bern create the new application to replace the existing system in an „end-of-life“ project. The long term goal is to use OMrun after completion of the technology change for the automation of regression testing during release upgrades of the new application. With an intelligent workflow and a high degree of automation the maintenance costs for these recurring tasks are minimised.

Rule based and automated monitoring of data quality in a running environment

This project required the implementation of about 250 specialised and technical tests to monitor the data quality and to instantaneously and comprehensively report rule violations on the data field level as well as within the involved business process. The list of rule violations („Diff reports“) is the basis for data corrections, improvements of the workflow or for sustained quality checks already during data input. The monitoring includes both simple technical questions (e.g. whether all date fields contain a valid date), but also complex technical coherence (e.g. whether a garage provided the correct tires according to the current contract of a given customer).
Quality assurance was carried out using a highly automated staging system. We call this approach „data warehouse without data warehouse“. All the checks are performed in-memory, omitting the costs of building and maintaining an additional sourcing infrastructure, thus offering an effective low-maintenance solution.

E2E quality assurance for output management and year end reporting

To ensure quality of critical documents such as client reporting manual samples are not sufficient. In cooperation with our customer an automated and complete check is implemented using OMrun. These checks ensure that a given report (account balance, asset statement, tax certificates, etc.) is sent exclusively to the authorised recipient(s).
The workflow controlled by OMrun has compiled flag-batteries according to decision tables of the database (Pervasive), compares these with productive PDF files and issues a difference report in case of rule violation.

Data hub for personal data

The city of Zurich is undergoing a technology change for its central data hub.
During this critical transition project, quality assurance (QA) is one of the main success factors.
Using OMrun, OMIS experts ensure that about 30 departments receive the data in the usual quality. The new data hub furthermore integrates modern service connectivity for a majority of the data recipients. Simultaneously, the data formats are adapted to the new eCH standard, requiring extensive rule based checks via OMrun to ensure data integrity.
Upon completion of the project, OMrun is maintained in service to automate regression testing for the quarterly SAP release updates for the new data hub technology. Without further effort, as a result of this transition project regression testing now is available at virtually no effort. The maintenance cost of the new solution is drastically reduced.