Code-less data migration including e2e quality assurance

The revolutionary approach to replacing your legacy databases.

To whom it may concern

Are you responsible for ensuring that one or more central data processing systems are successfully renewed?
Is it your job to transfer a legacy database to the "new world" in an end-of-life project?

Modernizing applications that have grown over years or even decades with underlying databases is a long-term issue on the agenda of many large organizations.
The desire for modernization is there, but the implementation of such a project is often postponed by many organizations.

The reasons that end-of-life projects are repeatedly delayed include:

  • fear of project failure and high costs
  • legacy system is not or only insufficiently documented
  • required specialists are not available

These are just a few reasons why such migration projects are often delayed. However, the organizations that remain in the "old world" often pay a high price for it:

  • Too much effort for maintenance and correspondingly too high operating costs
  • critical adjustments (e.g. security, regulations) cannot be implemented or can only be implemented with a delay
  • Too long time to market when implementing new business requirements, if they can be implemented at all

The status quo is definitely not fun under these circumstances!
The system must therefore be renewed as soon as possible.
If only such a project were easier to calculate and we had the risks under control ...

With our innovative approach of "code-less data migration including E2E quality assurance", we are taking the scare away from such end-of-life projects.

What you can win

You can look forward to the following advantages if you choose the innovative approach with OMrun for data migration:

  • business requirements are implemented 1:1 for each migration object and are easy to understand (SQL); as a side effect, this results in a rudimentary documentation of the system
  • use checkboxes to select which objects are to be migrated - this means that the migration can be repeated at any time, either completely or only partially
  • technological simplification for the project team: its primarily needed knowledge is SQL
  • the migration is conceptually divided into data objects; these data objects are provided with mapping and transformation rules and are thus clearly identifiable
  • the migration can be carried out very easily on different test environments or PROD
  • end-to-end quality assurance is an integral part of this solution, even audit needs are satisfied!
  • comprehensive progress control with OMdashboard - the reporting can be made available to a larger group very easily. Senior management is also pleased about the transparency gained!

Three things you no longer have to do

There is no doubt that data migrations are challenging projects.
We are all the more convinced that simplifications are necessary and possible so that such projects reach their goal "in time, in budget and in quality".
With our approach, you no longer have to worry about the following issues in your migration project:

  • time-consuming search and adjustment of programmed migration and transformation rules: check!
  • creation of status and progress reports often manually, incomplete and non-transparent: check!
  • stomachache and sleepless nights before the final go-live: check!

Project implementation

The "Code-less data migration" module is tried and tested in practice. The most important use case is in a critical end-of-life project at a large administration in Switzerland.

The client plans to replace an Oracle database and renew the corresponding application for data access. The target environment is MySQL with a Java web application as the user interface.

The project implementation started with a "PoC in one day" and a subsequent initial project implementation within around six weeks. The actual migration and quality assurance then took place with iterative, highly automated test cycles over the next few months.

We would be happy to provide you with additional reference information so that we can present this exciting project to you in detail.

The bet

We have deliberately simplified the summary above, because we know that in reality everything is a little more complicated.
Having extensive and long-term experience in changeover projects in complex, heterogeneous system worlds, we know that with our approach and procedure we can achieve very convincing results very quickly.
That is why we proudly present our spectacular "bet" also for the use case  "code-less data migrations including E2E quality assurance".

Don't think twice, try it out ...!

Our CEO Marc Keller will be happy to provide an initial discussion of the current situation. Contact him, he will be happy to talk to you.