E2E Test of PDF Reporting


Customer reports are a company's most important documents and can also reflect the standards set within the organisation as a whole. Problems with such documents are critical and can very quickly have a negative impact: damaged reputations, extra work for the customer service department, loss of trust and, in extreme cases, cancelled contracts are just some of the consequences of poor (data) quality in reports.

It is therefore understandable that our customers request final E2E tests to ensure that their customer reporting (policies, financial statements, contract summaries, etc.) is 100% correct. Sending reports to customers that should not have contained any report data – or, even worse, which contain incorrect data – must be avoided at all costs.

The challenges of this "real" E2E test are often presented by very heterogeneous system landscapes (different database systems, printer files, PDF engines, etc.) as well as frequently missing or incomplete documentation for the business processes.

Solution with OMrun

Step-by-step decomposition of the business rules for reporting. This often involves reverse engineering, as the data reconciliations performed in OMrun allow real errors to be highlighted step by step, all the way through to performing a full check of whether the database content that has "reached" the PDF report is correct and complete.

Although you may have one or two doubts regarding the potential amount of work associated with performing such a check, you can rest assured that we can check your own customer reports within just a couple of weeks... challenge us!