The Framework

The OMrun framework is the generic and configurable basis for a large number of customer-specific implementations.

We would like to introduce you to the most important components and properties of OMrun.

If you like something more technical, you are cordially invited to browse the "OMrun Help". Simple installation instructions as well as information about features such as the data adapter and the program adapter give you a good feeling for what is possible.

Do you have specific data issues? If yes, it is quite possible that you can solve them with pre-configured modules.

  • OMrun
    Your framework for any kind of data-driven challenges in heterogeneous system landscapes like data migrations, anonymization or data integrity checks.
  • OMdashboard
    Web-based management dashboard allows permanent insight into the current state of data quality on a aggregated high level view or by drill-down into details.
  • OMrun Help
    In-depth help page with detailed information to installation, configuration of data and program adaptors and result analysis.
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about and around the framework OMrun - data driven robotics.