OMdashboard supports the attractive and clear result presentation of the data comparisons based on statistics. The web server is callable (with appropriate permission) from any device with a browser.

The test results of a test scenario are automatically imported after each run from OMrun into OMdashboard which are immediately available. The results are aggregated and visualized per test object-level from all underlying objects. The last test result per day will be stored for the presentation of the history charts.

Data-driven Features

Overview data adaptorsDatabase queries which do not return any data from both sources are indicated in OMdashboard by a traffic signal with exclamation mark behind the green traffic light. There is a risk that no data has been selected unintended for this "blank" test run.

If a technical error occurs in the test run OMdashboard shows a gray traffic light followed by a flash, to draw attention to a infrastructure problem. These warnings are displayed in all higher hierachy levels of this object as well.

Hyperlink to Result File

By clicking on the grey Excel icon, result details will open with the appropriate authorization. The file starts after the usual download mechanism of the browser within Excel and can be stored locally on request.

By clicking on the MS Excel icon, a detailed result report at field level will open, relying on the well known download mechanism of the browser. In the productive implementation, the company-internal authorization is the baseline: the file can only be downloaded by those persons who are authorized to access the corresponding folder.

But it's best to see for yourself how OMdashboard is implemented. Here is your link to the OMdashboard demo version.

History Chart

Historicized chart viewAfter a click on the diagram icon in the last column of the result overview OMdashboard shows per day historicized results clear and attractive as an area chart. The visible time range of results can be selected by predefined lower blue buttons or with the "From" and "to" date picker.
With the checkbox "Zoom in" the lower edge of the diagram of 0% may be raised to the lowest percentage value shown in order to analyze the results in more detail. For a OMdashboard Demo Page click here.

OMdashboard live Demo

Overview with warning signals A "real" dashboard with results has been prepared for your own test.
This link will open an OMdashboard with demo test data in another browser window.