OMgenerator (Module)


OMgenerator builds all test scripts automatically, which are needed by OMrun for a complete comparison of two identical or similar databases including all data content of all existing tables and attributes.
During this process OMgenerator creates an automated differential analysis between these two database structures and provides an overview of all tables and attributes with and without matches as a result.
Based on this analysis, the test scripts can either be generated initially or the existing test scripts can be adapted to the new database schema. Of course, SQL queries of existing and manually modified test scripts will remain untouched or they can be overridden if desired.

This works with a few clicks and fully automated within two steps:

Step 1: Set Database Access

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). Fig. 2: Screen define database access

The access details of both databases are recorded in OMgenerator in order to read out and analize the database structures. These access details will be stored in OMgenerator and are available again at the next start of the generator process.

Step 2: Generate Test Scripts

The analysis allows an overview of the similarities and differences of database structures. Matching tables and attributes are used to generate the simple 1 to 1 comparison, however, could be excluded simply from the comparison. Differences are excluded by default, but could be added easily.
Manual changes on existing test scripts will be marked. These will kept unchanged by default, but could be overridden as needed.

After completion of all modifications the test scripts are created automatically by OMgenerator and will be ready to use in OMrun immediately.