Quality assurance of PDF documents

Automate the review of your documents, for example after the implementation of new business requirements or after the mapping of regulatory requirements. Your documents are worth being free of errors!

To whom it may concern

Customer documents are an important "calling card" for any organization. The clear layout and the clean design make a positive impression - but only if the document is 100% correct in terms of content!
Are you responsible for ensuring that your organization's "data products" are of the required quality?
"Data products" is what we call

a) external documents such as invoices, performance records, premium statements, monthly and annual financial statements, contracts, etc.


b) internal documents such as compilations for financial controlling (monthly and annual financial statements, KPIs, budgeting, etc.), pay slips, etc.

If such documents are incorrect or incomplete or if they are sent to the wrong addressee, the damage can quickly become very serious: Damage to reputation, additional costs in customer service, loss of trust and, in extreme cases, even loss of customers due to contract termination can be the consequences of poor data quality in output management.

In order to avoid such scenarios as best as possible, we have developed a procedure with which you can use final e2e tests to ensure that your documents are 100% correct. With our innovative approach to automating the quality assurance of PDF documents, you have it in your hands: you can dramatically reduce the enormous effort spent in this area of responsibility and at the same time increase the quality and time to market of your data products.

What cou can win

You can already look forward to what you will do in the time that has been freed up thanks to the increase in efficiency. A number of benefits await you, including:

  • Ahighly automated process gives you 100% clarity as to whether or not the content of the new document differs from the reference document. This is nothing more and nothing less than an automated regression test on your documents
  • Comprehensive transparency with OMdashboard, across departments: upon request, there is an entry in the dashboard for each document type, from where the difference reports can also be downloaded.
  • As a valuable by-product of this test, a comprehensive audit report is created which shows which errors were discovered and corrected when.
  • The "PDF to PDF" comparison can easily be extended to a "data source to PDF" comparison (e.g. database to PDF or XML to PDF etc.).

Three things to tick off

Get back valuable capacities by switching to this automation solution! Use the time you win for more customer centric activities. With a clear conscien, you can put aside the following aspects of your output management task list:

  • compare document by document in laborious, time-consuming and error-prone work until your eyes water: check!
  • the nagging uncertainty as to whether a small but important difference might have been overlooked: check!
  • the annoyance if another adjustment comes in at the last moment, which means that the whole (manual) control of the documents starts all over again: check!

Project implementation

The module "Quality assurance of PDF documents" is one of our bestsellers and has been tried and tested many times.

This procedure for quality assurance is used by organizations for which the customer output is of critical importance. Tax authorities want to make sure that tax documents are free of errors, health insurers depend on the correct policies and premium statements, banks want to be certain that their monthly and annual statements are 100% correct.

We are at your disposal for further reference information so that you can get to know an implementation that is comparable to your own requirements.

The bet

We have deliberately simplified the summary above, because we know that in reality everything is a little more complicated. 

Having extensive and long-term experience in changeover projects in complex, heterogeneous system worlds, we know that with our approach and procedure we can achieve very convincing results very quickly.
That is why we proudly present our spectacular "bet" also for the use case  "Quality assurance of PDF documents".

Don't think twice, try it out ...!

Our CEO Marc Keller will be happy to provide an initial discussion of the current situation. Contact him, he will be happy to talk to you.