Customer Experiences

Numerous and renowned companies from different industrial sectors use OMrun to their satisfaction in order to improve data quality and data integrity. Some of these customers have provided us with personal and authorized references to share their successes with OMrun.

Upon request we can easily provide a handshake between you and the below listed or even various other reference persons.

Marek Gossner
Head Organization & IT

Department for Additional Contributions to AHV/IV
Public Administration, City of Zurich

„In a complex application with many interfaces to other systems, OMrun is running our quality assurance checks like the daily monitoring of the data integrity, the reconciliation of the general ledger and the sub-ledgers as well as the quality checks of the data warehouse. We are thankful that OMrun is supporting quality assurance and internal controls in such a highly efficient manner.

That’s why I became a fan of OMrun!"

OMrun has enabled us in a simple and transparent way to align master data from different reporting systems quickly and to identify and to correct potential errors early. As a result data quality as a whole has been improved significantly.

Cooperation with OMIS was always professional and driven by partnership mindset and the project success has been assured very rapidly."

Jens Ostheeren
Head of Finance Solutions Management

Zurich Insurance Company 

Walter Schnider
Release Manager

Raphael Fontana
Head of Business Applications

Rothschild & Co Bank AG (Zurich) 

OMrun has helped us in these areas within a very short time span:

  1. Setting up a data reconciliation between the Avaloq core banking system and the e-banking system AFS in three days. The identified inconsistencies have led to data cleansing and software corrections.
  2. In a further day the reconciliation has been automated to ensure data consistency daily. This has generated a lot of confidence within the business and greatly reduced operational risks.

Because of the good experiences, Rothschild Bank plans to expand the usage of OMrun to other applications / data sources.”

„We have used OMrun to meet expectations of external audits over our firewall management and to complete an extensive data clean-up and several reconciliations before the migration to a new workflow engine.

OMrun has rendered knight services to us and established transparancy to our systems in minimal time, what we could not have achieved on our own.”

Fritz Steinmann
Head of Network Engineering

SIX (Zurich) 

Lee Tindell
Senior Manager Product Operations

Man Investments plc (London/Pfaffikon) 

OMrun has given us a lot of value for many years. The fully automated smoke tests for each environment integrated with a high number of business process tests allowed us to bring down our release cycle from quarterly to twice a month.

The permanent insight into master reference data and process quality via the openly displayed OMdashboard gave us a boost in productivity, transparency as well as motivation and reduced reaction times to an absolute minimum.”