The Challenge

Projects to increase automation or improve data quality are often lengthy and challenging undertakings. Such projects sometimes eat up most of the anticipated savings before go-live.
That's exactly why we focus on data-driven robotics and therefore ....

... are we convinced that we can do better!

We bet that we can implement - assuming your valuable cooperation - the following steps within only one working day:

  • integration of OMrun within your infrastructure
  • connection of any two data sources to be reconciled / checked
  • automated and rule-based comparison of designated and significant measuring points
  • generating difference reports, we call it "reports of rule violations" and establishing a comprehensive overview on OMdashboard
  • including access to OMrun for eight more weeks in order to allow you using OMrun on your own and taking full profit



That this bet can really succeed, the analysis of the requirements and the definition of a meaningful and useful test object takes place in the run-up to the actual piloting. A telephone or video conference or a dedicated workshop are usually sufficient to prepare the set-up.

Are you taking the first step into the world of data-driven robotics?

And because we all know that "the proof is in the pudding", we are pleased to offer you your first step into data-driven robotics as a fixed price project of CHF 5k.
Care to place a bet?

PS: In a real bet, the wager must be defined: If we lose, we waive the billing!