OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4

Business System

OMrun Business System Icon


The business system represents a top level container for the whole project which contains all needed scripts to run the defined compare checks.


To open an existing business system you can select the business system function from the "open" button or by selecting one of the "recently used links".

You can create a business system with menue option "New". A wizard guids you through a few steps to establish the needed project structure. Some default directories will be created below the new business system.

Copy / Rename / Delete
It is not possible to copy, rename or delete a business system within OMrun. This action can executed only by an administrator on folder level. Any changes on the business system does affect the OMdashboard representation of the test results.


When open an existing business system that is not on the recent list the object is selectable with the icon open.

An Explorer window opens where you can select the favored "Business System".

Step 1: Create (Wizard)

To create a new "Business System" a root path for the project is needed as well as a proper "Business System" name (project name).

Step 2: Create (Wizard)

When pressing the "OK" button the needed project directories are automaticaly created.

Step 3: Create (Wizard)

The last wizard step does confirm the creation of a new "Business System" (project folders).