OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4

OMrun Paths

Application installation path

OMrun Operating system Path
32-bit 32-bit C:\Program Files\OMIS\OMrun
32-bit 64-bit C:\Program Files (x86)\OMIS\OMrun
64-bit 64-bit C:\Program Files\OMIS\OMrun

Test project path

It is recommended to create the following folders for every OMrun test project:

  • Backup
  • BatchJobs
  • TestData
  • TestScript

The project folder path is:
[MyDisk:\MyFolder\TestScript] (e.g. C:\Temp\DemoCase\TestScript)

Business system path

The business system folder path is:
[MyDisk:\MyFolder\TestScript\MyBusinessSystem] (e.g. C:\Temp\TestScript\Demo)

If a new business system is created the following folders are automatically added:

  • Configuration
  • Environment
  • TestScenario

User path

The user folder path is:
(e.g. C:\Users\Jane.Doe\AppData\Roaming\Omis\OMrun)

Directory Content

Contains the Microsoft CE-Database (SQL compact edition) to support the MDX data adapter as well as a supporting database for easy storage of temporary test results.


Initial test project folder for the OMrun business system "Excel" as a working example and to verify the OMrun initial installation.


Containing all log files
- OMrun.log
- OMrunReports.log
- OMrunPlugIn_CsvConverter.log
- OMrunPlugIn_MDX.log
- OMrunPlugIn_RecordPosConverter.log
- OMrunPlugIn_RtlGenerator.log
- OMrunPlugIn_XmlConverter.log


Contains temporary Excel reports created manually when clicking the button "Export" on OMrun menu.