OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4


Plug-in to run external stored programs with OMrun.

Runs a customized program (.exe) with the defined parameters from OMrun.

Input - execution parameters to invoke a program execution:

Field "Application" (Input directory and program name (.exe) as hard coded value or as a variable from the local / global environment definition)

Description: Customized program able to work with input parameters from OMrun.

  • Syntax: <*.exe>
  • Example: C:/Temp/WaitBatch.exe
  • Possible values:
    • <variable name> (from environment)
    • <hardcoded path / file name>

Field "@param1 - @param4" (parameters)

  • Description: Any type of parameter depending on the expected input value for the customized program. 
  • Syntax: <param1>.<param2>,<param3>.<param4>
  • Example: "Path" "First Name" Second Name" "Adress"

Output - The output depends on the functionality of the customized program.