OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4

Test Data Object

OMrun Data Object Icon


Test Object Data Type = Data comparison of two data sources (Data Source A and Data Source B). Data Source A represents the source system (reference system), Data Source B the destination system (system under test).

OMrun Test Data Objects allow to maintain and execute test data objects. An empty default parameter list "Extensive" will be created automatically when adding a new test data object. Only the selected list item defined in the test data object is called for execution using the indicated parameters.


On Navigation Tree at Test Component level click on the right mouse button and select OMrun Data Object Icon New.

A new empty test object is created within the same component. After enter a new name you can begin to select the data bases, enter the Queries and generate the Business Rules

Copy, Rename, Delete

On Navigation Tree at Test Object level click on the right mouse button and select Copy, Rename or Delete.

Drag & Drop

On Navigation Tree you can move or copy a test object from one container (Component) to another by simply drag & drop the element an pressing the relevant keys.

  • Ctrl + "left mouse button down" = Copy Test Object to another Component
  • Shift+ "left mouse button down" = Move Test Object to another Component