OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4

Test Program Object

OMrun Program Object Icon


Test Object Type "Prog" executes any type of program, batch, built-in program or GUI test recorded by a GUI Test Tool like Ranorex®. With this test object the engineer usually develops the pre- and post-condition tests for a data comparison. The integrated console does show the communication between the plug-in or the externally invoked program. The results are shown as passed/failed to indicate whether or not the execution was successful. The parameters from the environment definition and from the parameter list are used to transfer data/information to the internal and external programs.


On Navigation Tree at Test Component level click on the right mouse button and select OMrun Program Object Icon New.

A new empty test object is created within the same component. After entering a new name you can begin with selecting a Program Call element and add the necessary parameters.

Copy, Rename, Delete

On Navigation Tree at Test Object level click on the right mouse button and select Copy, Rename or Delete.

Drag & Drop

On Navigation Tree you can move or copy a test object from one container (Component) to another by simply drag & drop the element an pressing the relevant keys.

  • Ctrl + "left mouse button down" = Copy Test Object to another Component
  • Shift+ "left mouse button down" = Move Test Object to another Component

Program Call

Selection of pre-defined program calls.

The dropdown list contains of built-in tests as well as pre-configured program or batch call objects.

Call Remark
Batch Starting a batch job while transfering the paramerters in double quotes "" separated by space.
Batch native Starting a batch job while transfering the paramerters as plain text separated by space.
Program Starting a program and transfering the paramerters as arguments separated by space.
PlugIn's Several internal adapters to convert csv, xml, fix length records, mdx and run time list.
GUI tools Settings for standard GUI tests like Ranorex or QF-Test