OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4

Environment Variables (@alias)

Environment variables are used to pass parameters in to a query used by Design Test Object.
This allows to easily switch from one environment to another and pass parameterized data (e.g. Server Name, Data Source Name, Data Base Schema) to the Test Object.

Declare variable @DB_Schema is Environment

In this example the value 'dev' will be passed in to the variable @DB_Schema.

Usage of variable @DB_Schema in Test Object

At runtime the variable @DB_Schema will be replaced by the value 'dev'. This mechanism enables to read data from environment specific database schemas.
You can also use Omis variable into a parameter (@param1 - @param4) and into remark.

Windows environment variables

You can also use Windows system-/user variables. → (%VariableName%)

Important: please restart OMrun to get the value of the new variable loaded and accessible.