OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4


  • Multiple windows open and accessible
  • Tree navigation with overview
  • Execution with progressbar, start and stop button 
  • Automated test script conversion from OMrun 3.x to 4.x

Detailed Notes


[OMRUN-68] - Select Parameter List on Test Scenario Level
[OMRUN-70] - Global Variables
[OMRUN-71] - Copy / Rename / Delete on all Elements
[OMRUN-72] - Recent used Business System
[OMRUN-73] - Predefined Selections
[OMRUN-75] - Delete highlighted Rows only
[OMRUN-76] - OMrun Log File for Audit Tracking
[OMRUN-77] - Handle Generate Button correctly
[OMRUN-78] - Handle Program Link appropriate
[OMRUN-79] - Remove from Parameter List as Default
[OMRUN-80] - Move Publisher Settings to Configuration
[OMRUN-81] - Move Adapter Settings to Configuration and Define proper Names
[OMRUN-82] - Move Result Mapping to Configuration
[OMRUN-83] - Add Icons to all Elements
[OMRUN-84] - Define Multi-Selection on Checkboxes
[OMRUN-85] - Start / Stop Button for Test Execution
[OMRUN-86] - Warn if unsaved Modifications going Lost
[OMRUN-87] - Handle Publisher Path properly
[OMRUN-90] - Reduce Amount of Clicks to open a Parameter List Result
[OMRUN-91] - Log Query Runtime
[OMRUN-92] - Show Progressbar
[OMRUN-93] - Define License per Installation
[OMRUN-94] - Detailed Title Information on OMrun Main Form
[OMRUN-95] - Group Radio Buttons logically
[OMRUN-96] - Consol Windows with Scenario Titel during Execution
[OMRUN-99] - Check for Default Printer Settings
[OMRUN-101] - Add MS DB2 (OLEDB)
[OMRUN-102] - Remove function "Passthrough"
[OMRUN-103] - Simplify OMrun File Names
[OMRUN-105] - Admin Rights for License File
[OMRUN-108] - MySQL Allow Command LOAD DATA INFILE
[OMRUN-109] - Publishing Results on Environment and Scenario Level
[OMRUN-110] - Generate Reports on Failed / Passed / all
[OMRUN-111] - Implement Dependences on Key / Info / Active Flag in Business Mapping
[OMRUN-112] - Simplify Business Mapping Generation
[OMRUN-113] - Keep Scenario Setting if Switching between Tabs
[OMRUN-114] - Remark Fields on Test Object Data Element
[OMRUN-115] - Show Passed / Failed / All on Test Results
[OMRUN-116] - Query Text Field Character Limitation of 32783
[OMRUN-207] - File Name Handling on manual created Excel Result Reports


[OMRUN-1] - Test Object Data Files inactive after Migration
[OMRUN-4] - Changed Connect String is not updated in TOB File
[OMRUN-5] - List Longer then one Page Selection on Bottom is incorrect
[OMRUN-6] - Edit panel in XP with different Offset in W7
[OMRUN-7] - Enter an existing Scenario Name - no Warning
[OMRUN-8] - User Directory with Version not created anymore
[OMRUN-9] - Button Save should be enabled only with Name
[OMRUN-10] - First Row Checkbox Trusted unchecked
[OMRUN-12] - Result Grid Limitation of 16000 Character
[OMRUN-13] - Environment still available after BSS deleted
[OMRUN-14] - Parameter List sorting incorrect
[OMRUN-15] - Sort Mechanism not working properly
[OMRUN-17] - Corrupt TSC File after Data Migration
[OMRUN-19] - Dropdown does not work properly
[OMRUN-21] - Save Test Scenario is not correct
[OMRUN-22] - Grid Row Order wrong
[OMRUN-23] - Modify after Migration not possible
[OMRUN-24] - Modifying Remark does not work properly
[OMRUN-27] - Result Screen Update not working properly during Execution
[OMRUN-28] - Subquery with Keyword FROM in Selection does not work
[OMRUN-29] - Dropdown does not work properly
[OMRUN-32] - Issues with Element Updating after BSS Switch
[OMRUN-33] - Publisher Flag needs to be Set in Configuration
[OMRUN-34] - Checkbox Sorted does not work properly
[OMRUN-35] - Usability of adding new Row not sufficient
[OMRUN-36] - Issue when Result contains more then 5000 Records
[OMRUN-38] - Parameter List Error in Test Scenario
[OMRUN-41] - Source B Query Editor not correct displayed
[OMRUN-42] - Missleading Log Text
[OMRUN-43] - Switch between Scenarios causing Error
[OMRUN-44] - Delete Test Object causes Error
[OMRUN-46] - Issue under License Model if starting Full-Version in Parallel to running Batch
[OMRUN-47] - RAM Consumption of XL Reports to high
[OMRUN-48] - Execution Error with Test Objects containing Spaces in File Name
[OMRUN-49] - OMrun Runtime-Version starts GUI accidentally
[OMRUN-50] - Business Mapping allowes Dupplicates on Attribute Name
[OMRUN-51] - Log Files missing
[OMRUN-52] - Test Scenario Screen freezes with hight Amount of Records
[OMRUN-53] - Configuration on Batch Execution with Server 2008 R2 failed
[OMRUN-54] - Error Message on Dashboard Configuration
[OMRUN-55] - Gray Test Results shown as Red Cells in Excel Report
[OMRUN-57] - Inaccessable License File if in Use
[OMRUN-61] - Dropdown Menu filters on Dependences
[OMRUN-62] - Return Value after Batch Execution wrong
[OMRUN-63] - Parameter List with Rows >1000 running into inacceptable Display Time
[OMRUN-64] - License Key ends on the wrong Date
[OMRUN-67] - Legacy Path Name ResultMapping is not deleted after Migration
[OMRUN-100] - DB Connection fails with Special Characters in Password
[OMRUN-226] - Instance Count of Licenses not Correct
[OMRUN-229] - Additional directory "RunTimeList" created
[OMRUN-230] - Copy test object does not rename new TOB
[OMRUN-231] - OMrun closes when 3 elements have been closed rapidly
[OMRUN-233] - Crtl X Double Usage Export and Cut
[OMRUN-240] - Deletion of Test Object used in Test Scenario not Protected
[OMRUN-242] - OM Var Mixed Up if Subset from Another
[OMRUN-243] - With Clause not Working Properly
[OMRUN-246] - Breadcrumb appears strange
[OMRUN-247] - Batch native demands "" on all prameters
[OMRUN-253] - Execution of prog test object delayed when failed
[OMRUN-255] - Test Scenario Abort in case of Empty Parameter List
[OMRUN-265] - Avaloq Adapter Session Unlock not Working
[OMRUN-270] - Parameter List Name in Tree Reduced to Last Segment After Underscore
[OMRUN-286] - Oracle: Single quotes in parameter of Query NOK