OMrun Help Online Manual for OMrun Version 4


OMrun release 4.2.x.x experienced a proper face lifting of the OMrun GUI as well as large enhancement on the test result analysis. Major change and enhancement including many bug fixes:

  • New look and feel and more stability; light color style and more space for content
  • Test result presentation with enhanced statistical information on row and column level
  • Test result additional filter function, allowing to reduce the visible columns to key columns and columns with differences only.
  • New symbols and coloring on test result column headers for key and info fields
  • A new query only functionality ensuring to execute a simple query test data object without the comparison.
  • New sophisticated Excel on demand reports
  • New XML plug-in component able to import almost any xml format
  • New data staging plugin, loading test results of a OMrun component automatically to an MS SQL Server database without effort.

Detailed Notes


[OMRUN-618] - Report with Diff result (batch mode)
[OMRUN-582] - Load Latest Result File of Every TestObject Within Component With Data Staging
[OMRUN-581] - Run-ID in Data Staging Adapter Missing
[OMRUN-579] - Add Json Data Adapter
[OMRUN-576] - Adding Mouse Over Functionality for Parameter List Header
[OMRUN-569] - Layout refresh / white is the new grey!
[OMRUN-561] - Set Correct Value of Attribute "Visible" of a UI Element
[OMRUN-545] - New Installer Software for VS2019 needed
[OMRUN-521] - Change Direction of the Split Bar in TestObject
[OMRUN-520] - Create Symbols for Key and Info Field
[OMRUN-519] - Make Batch Excel Coloring for Key and Info the Same as Online Excel
[OMRUN-517] - Add Detail Information to Result History Table
[OMRUN-490] - Hide Columns With All Results Passed
[OMRUN-460] - Special chars should be displayed in the same manner on results grid as well as in Excel report
[OMRUN-453] - Renumbering TestScenario Ids by Steps of 10
[OMRUN-451] - After New Record is Added in TestScenario it is not Sorted before Stored
[OMRUN-346] - Sort on Result Columns
[OMRUN-201] - Reduce Visible Columns Based on Test Results
[OMRUN-190] - Mark Key and Info Column Headers
[OMRUN-150] - Automated Data Mapping based on Content
[OMRUN-128] - Data Archiving and Deletion
[OMRUN-617] - Timeout Calculation of Programm Adapter is Inacurate with big Values
[OMRUN-616] - Program Timeout not working with Connect String in Parameter
[OMRUN-615] - Parameter list and its program object do not show failed result
[OMRUN-607] - No Scenario Result is Shown in Batch Mode if First Step is Inactivated
[OMRUN-606] - Parameter list does not show result history


[OMRUN-629] - Mouse Over Query Lable B Copies Query A Content to Clipboard
[OMRUN-627] - Overlapping rows hide effect on result view Diff
[OMRUN-625] - Update Problem on Query and Param Tooltips
[OMRUN-623] - Data Stage cannot handle same table in differen schema
[OMRUN-622] - Scenario does not work when TOB is executed as first Object
[OMRUN-604] - Menu starts always minimized
[OMRUN-603] - Progressbar on high resolution screen not visible during execution
[OMRUN-602] - Remove blanks and line feed chars from remark fields "Ranorex" and "QF-Test"
[OMRUN-598] - Crash of OMrun When Trying to Close Application After Creating New Test Object Data Without Saving It
[OMRUN-597] - Scrollbar of ENV stays at unexpected position
[OMRUN-596] - Long wait during OMrun startup
[OMRUN-595] - RTL result history with wrong color
[OMRUN-594] - Error if existing Env names are not similar than all results
[OMRUN-593] - Tree Splitter Not Resizable if OMrun Windows is Not Maximized
[OMRUN-592] - Unexpected Crashes of OMrun
[OMRUN-591] - Wrong Result When Executing Scenario from Scheduler
[OMRUN-590] - Problems When Executing Batch-Files, Unexpected Deleting of Files
[OMRUN-588] - GUI bugs when adding new connect string in enviroment
[OMRUN-587] - XMLConverter With Underscore in Prefix Leads to Missing Schema in Query Join
[OMRUN-586] - Environment Definition in Bach Job is Case Sensitive
[OMRUN-585] - Rounding on String Dos not Work Anymore
[OMRUN-584] - Nested OMrun Global Var Causes Extreme Memory Consumption
[OMRUN-580] - ConnectString Mix-Up on SourceA in DataAdapter
[OMRUN-571] - Publishing Test Results not Working with Comma in Remark
[OMRUN-570] - Query B replaces word "Remark" unexpected from RTL
[OMRUN-568] - Checkbox "Data Source B" generates Error when switched off\+on
[OMRUN-566] - RTL Generator throws exception in any case
[OMRUN-565] - Execute TSC without entry causes exception
[OMRUN-564] - Open a scenario with blank in name causes error on loading results when same name exists with underline
[OMRUN-563] - CSV Converter does not convert into ANSI
[OMRUN-562] - Very First Result of TOB Run Shows After Second Run
[OMRUN-560] - Rename of Scenario, Environment, Component, TestObject and ParameterList does not update extended properties in corresponding result files
[OMRUN-559] - Rename of RTL does not update TOB Resultfiles
[OMRUN-558] - Result of any Test Object should be displayed automatically after execution in GUI
[OMRUN-556] - Renaming TestObject Failed on Results
[OMRUN-555] - Double Click on RTL Result List Does Not Open The Details of a TestObject
[OMRUN-554] - Renaming RTL List Leeding to Corrupt TOB
[OMRUN-553] - GUI blocks during load of testobject results in TestObjectProgram
[OMRUN-552] - Resultfile not Completely Loaded on Result GUI
[OMRUN-549] - IDs in Sequence Numbers Allow Negative Values
[OMRUN-548] - Missing SqlCeServer DLLs in BuiltInTests Directory
[OMRUN-546] - Show result after execution of this object
[OMRUN-544] - Possible Data Lock in Special Cases for Dashboard Update
[OMRUN-543] - Automated Release Number Deployment / Version not Synchronized
[OMRUN-542] - Multithreading on File Read Causing Problems
[OMRUN-541] - Rename Parameter List Failed
[OMRUN-540] - Empty Environment variable is Replaced by @VariableName Instead of ""
[OMRUN-539] - Test Scenario Shows 100% With Infrastructure Issue
[OMRUN-538] - TestObject With Error Message If Many RTL Results Exist
[OMRUN-536] - Process Violation If Some Of The Steps Are Disabled
[OMRUN-535] - Switch And Run Between Two Open Test Scenarios Is Not Working
[OMRUN-534] - Function "Delete Environment" potentially deletes wrong Environment on Dashboard
[OMRUN-528] - Field 'Data Source A/B' empty will be saved without complain / Button 'Generate' stays green
[OMRUN-522] - Result History List Only Shown After Test Run
[OMRUN-513] - Create New Component Failes
[OMRUN-512] - Data connection issues to DB2 test database
[OMRUN-510] - Analyse GUI crash
[OMRUN-503] - Open a test object with bigger parameter list takes a long time
[OMRUN-500] - No match if key is similar \(1 char upper/lower\)
[OMRUN-495] - No test results when 1st attribut is not key and comparison type "Inner \(A/B\)"
[OMRUN-482] - New row in grid should show an active checkbox
[OMRUN-473] - First row of scenario shows wrong end time if inactivated
[OMRUN-470] - With Two Open Scenarios the Wrong is Executed After Renaming the Inactive
[OMRUN-467] - It takes a long time to open a test object with many results
[OMRUN-465] - Comment on last line of a query does not show correct color
[OMRUN-459] - Grey result from initialising should show an empty start time stamp
[OMRUN-457] - Special Character Not Escaped in Excel Report
[OMRUN-456] - Move object produces copy when cursor is not over the target component anymore
[OMRUN-454] - DropDown Menu "Create Test Scenario" is Slow
[OMRUN-438] - Parameter list not possible to delete when loaded in object
[OMRUN-410] - Password not empty initially
[OMRUN-408] - Error when deleting a scenario which was never published in dashboard
[OMRUN-405] - Log entry appears twice
[OMRUN-383] - Failed execution of data object reloads previous result on grid
[OMRUN-369] - Unexpected Object Copy in Tree
[OMRUN-363] - Rename and Delete TestObject does not Update DropDown in Active Scenario
[OMRUN-344] - All parameter list names with same name get updated in scenario
[OMRUN-331] - Config of XML converter "XL" and non-"XL" not similar
[OMRUN-317] - Update of breadcrumb not correct
[OMRUN-311] - Migration 4.0: char % does empty an attribute column completely
[OMRUN-310] - Migration 4.0: old Scenario result cause Error msg.
[OMRUN-306] - Install routine shold avoid double installation
[OMRUN-277] - Scenario executed if Object fails in next tab group
[OMRUN-267] - Open All Elements in Same Tab Group
[OMRUN-254] - Delete scenario does not remove scenario from 2nd dashboard
[OMRUN-248] - Typo in log text of XML converter
[OMRUN-020] - Delete first Row not possible


[OMRUN-610] - 4.2.3. - Bugfixes
[OMRUN-609] - 4.2.2. - Bugfixes
[OMRUN-345] - Improve Result Output
[OMRUN-153] - Improve Parameter List

Non-listed bugs

  • If no "Result" folder in test scenario exists, open a test scenario throws an exception and forces the user to close OMrun
  • Proper resources update, OMrunDataProvider / OMrunGuiProvider replicated from Resources and not from Example